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Having a chronic illness is hard to wrap your mind around when your inner person thinks you are a type A adventurer. I am sure it is even more difficult to fathom if it is your family or friend whose health is also affecting you and how you interact with them. The IOM report and subsequent media coverage of it has raised the issue of pubic perception of CFIDS. Here are some resources to help understand your health-compromised loved ones:

Family and friends support:


more like this: http://www.cfidsselfhelp.org/library/for-family-friends

What is it like to have physical/mental/energetic limitations? Introducing the spoon theory, written by a woman with Lupus, which features similar day to day experience to CFIDS:


Medical research and education— doctors educating doctors:

There are 8 hours of videos here. As an introduction, Video #1 has a great overview of the illness without going into personal experience of patients.


More from the clinic overseeing my own care:


Thank you for listening, I hope this helps.