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I am doing something risky. I am spending two consecutive days away from home at an intensive conference related to my work. The next day after that, I have a rather important event to attend. I would like to do all this without crashing. I was pretty anxious at first and thought I maybe could not attend. But then I made a plan, and immediately realized it was doable.

Or at least, I am doing it! We hope this works:

  • Made food plan for my wacky restricted diet, yummy foods that i can easily carry around with me and don’t need a kitchen.
    • Got needed ingredients
    • Cooked dishes ahead
    • Divided meals up into buckets ready to go
  • Made arrangements to stay overnight in town with family (I’m 70 miles away)
  • Packed clothing and toiletries
  • Packed laptop, notebooks, pens and other needed items

Permissions and Rules:

  • I am allowed to take a break whenever I want
  • I do not have to be on time or stay late
  • I do not have to worry about things I cannot take care of while away

SO. Day 1, so far so good. Next week (or as early as tomorrow) we shall see if I have successfully avoided relapse.