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I cannot stop being hungry today. Eat, satisfied, hungry again, a faster pattern than normal. But I am in good spirits. Although tired and “giving up” for the day, taking to the couch with laptop will give me a smidgen more activities to complete that I have not the energy to do from office chair.

I am pleased that today my naturopath gave an alternate perspective that I can try which rather than managing symptoms, is a test for cause. It just makes more sense to me. So my new health adventure is to test for heavy metal toxins. Fun times! But doable and results will be helpful. Hopefully very helpful, but I’ll settle for simply helpful.

And the other thing is once again a diet change and supplement array to combat yeast overgrowth. this won’t solve my greater problem but it will help my current “minor” problem, which is quite annoying indeed. Which is an IBS kind of thing with exacerbated PMS thrown in to boot. I know, aren’t you jealous?

I have to say though, I am pleased to undergo a treatment whose side effects are not worse than my condition. I am still working with my medical doctor; I will share this adventure and all connected results with her as well.

And for now, back to being hungry, and hungry again. Ah so it goes.