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So then, as previously observed on this site, my fatigue and brain fog symptoms flare when I eat cane sugar, corn syrup, agave syrup, honey. Because I like to bake I have been experimenting with some alternatives to sugar.

Beet syrup

I haven’t actually baked with this, but have experienced in some gluten free, vegan muffins from my local store bakery. No big reaction, so I can indulge with this sweetener.

Coconut sugar

Seems to me that this is cartelized, granulated coconut. It is not as sweet as sugar or honey, but adds to a nice bittersweet chocolate ganache, and did well in a gluten free, vegan blueberry muffin experiment. Does not taste overly of coconut.


There are a few powdered fructose options. I noticed with that the ones that listed ingredients included cane sugar derivatives. I had thought that it would be evaporated fruit juice, but either I am confused about what fructose is or the brands my store carries don’t have that.

Fruit syrup

Currently experimenting with a syrup made from pear and pineapple juice. I am finding it is less sweet than the coconut sugar. Also does not taste overly of pear or pineapple. Did OK with cocoa; might be nice in muffins as well.


I am afraid to try Stevia because many of my friends report it makes them nauseous.


I’ve noticed this has appeared on the shelves. I haven’t tried it in baking as another close friend reports headaches, and I like to share my baked goods.

I know my “research” here is wildly incomplete. Any other input on alternative sugars and their effect on chronic fatigue symptoms?