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I am sure we all have some version of this. My Laundry Problem ™ is as follows:

The Problem:

  1. It takes too long to fit my schedule (I have to go to laundromat)
  2. It saps my energy and causes back pain
  3. Detergent scents give me a headache and exacerbate insomnia
  4. When I am sick I can’t even think about it, but that’s when I need fluffy clean sheets and clothes, ready to wear
  5. I am bored and uncomfortable for the whole process

Solutions to try:

  1. Do smaller loads, more often
    1. Saving some time and back pain, if not money
  2. Buy more sheet sets so I can have dust-mite free sheets even if I can’t do the laundry
    1. I sleep SO much better in clean sheets!
    2. If i have one set for each week in a month, chances are good I’ll have clean ones when I need them
  3. Get clean, unscented detergent even if it is more expensive
    1. No headaches == twice as much energy + happiness (n)
  4. Pay a friend or professional to do it for me when I am sick
    1. I’ll just have to get over the guilt and weird feelings concerning asking or purchasing help for these kinds of things

Any more suggestions in the comments I am happy to hear about.