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It really is, you know, especially when you, like me, are focussed a lot on the minutiae of existence for health purposes. The past few days have been a funny patchwork of fun times, stressful challenges, resting, pushing too hard, sleeping well, not sleeping at all, muscle pain, feeling fine. A microcosm, I suppose, of life itself.

I did ok, looking back on it. (looking back with nostalgia and perspective on the last two days. I know. Oh well.) I got through the stressful bits and maneuvered myself to the resting bit (blissful resting bit), more stress, freakout, dealwith, rest, feeljustfine.

The stressful bits were like mini-movies; the spreading blue ooze of laundry detergent on the floor, locking myself out at night in the forest, that sort of thing. Finding solutions felt almost heroic even though the scale here is small. Being woken up in the middle of the night and then realizing I had actually been asleep is one relaxing realization. Oh thank god, my mind and body will have a chance tomorrow! I can function and be happy, even if just for a few consecutive hours. Ahhhhh.