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OK, so Tuesday was full-on fatigue, cannot do anything sort of day (that would be Post Exertional Malaise, if you want a term from SCIENCE), and yesterday I felt fairly well recovered. I was pleased to have bounced back in one day. Today, I am not quite as good as yesterday, but for sure better than Tuesday.

This is different from earlier this year (and for the past 10 years), when a fatigue malaise would last for weeks. But I guess caution should be exercised as I seem to be sensitive to even small amounts of activity. I can’t even use how I feel my envelope to be as my guide, because this feeling lies to me!

Getting used to doing less than I feel up to will be a long, slow journey. It’s a lifetime of habitually pushing forward I have to work from.

The progress part, is being able to recognize that I need to work on this. And of course the shorter PEM lifespan. I hope that part continues, right.