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Well, I was so tired last night but could only sleep for 4+ hours. Around 5am I realized that even though my head felt foggy, I was basically alert and so I got up and went slowly, calmly through my morning. 

I ended up having a really productive day and have made some adjustments to my scheduling practice. (Yes, I gave myself ample rest time, don’t worry) The truth is, I like being up early. When I have symptoms it is hard to rise when I prefer because I tend to wait for my head to feel clear and “awake”. Some days this just does not happen, so I have learned that if I am alert, that can be good enough.

So now it is 7pm and I am once again in front of the computer but in my pajamas, ready for my transition to couch and then bed. (I’d like it to be dark before I try sleeping again.) Yawn. Looking forward to tomorrow.