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My Positive thoughts about the week thus far:

I had a bit of brain fog with a smidge of headaches coming back to me this week, but today it seems to be fading away. I love when I am able to wake up on the early side and get what feels like a “clean start” to my day.

I am becoming more skilled at my full-day-including-rest-time scheduling. I am working on a post where I spell out exactly what I am doing, what software, what actions and so forth.

Something that has helped regain my mental clarity is my personal rule about sensory input:

  1. If I am doing “thinking” work, where I need to have a language patter in my mind, I listen to my favorite ambient Internet radio station (Groove Salad from SOMA FM if you’d like to know).
  2. If I am physically resting, but want to engage my mind a little to prevent boredom, I can listen to my playlist “Music and Talkies”; favorite talk podcasts and music podcasts and my regular music (with lyrics) interspersed within. I can also listen to this playlist if I am doing something physical like housework.

Trading types of input based on my activity type has helped me both enjoy my day and get through it without headaches.

Here’s what I can work on:

I’d like to figure out a better way to handle social situations where I am suddenly realizing I am crashing. Especially in the evening, this is a risk for me. My problem is that I rarely understand what is happening until it is super really happening, and then I have a hard time communicating and I think it appears to others that I am upset or angry, when I am simply overcome with fatigue.

In my former life I was one of the “end of the party people” and so I will need to find a way to enjoy events without being disappointed that I am leaving early. Because what really happens is I simply don’t want to go home yet but I should have already. Anyway. Point is that this is a thing in progress, and I would like to become more skilled here.

Now that I have posted the intention, I am sure my actions to improve will more easily arise.