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If I am getting antsy during my assigned rests, does that mean I am resting enough?

I have gotten pretty good at the persnickety-style scheduling. (Wait, did I develop that just yesterday?) It works pretty well for days that I do not have appointments, meetings or social events. Once other people are added to the mix, we’ll see how it goes. My plan for those days is to schedule more resting time around the appointments and hope that this will be enough buffer for the unexpected.

I am having some success with it this week, but my questions are:

  1. Will I be able to keep it going once the novelty wears off?
  2. How will I be able to accommodate others in my plans?
  3. Will I be able to keep on track for deadlines this way?

My rule is that if a routine is not helping me I should change it in some way, so if I stop doing this or it does not prove to be scalable to every day of my life, I will make a change. So far, so good for now.