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I was talking with a friend with fibromyalgia about strategies for planning our time that help prevent fatigue. The crux of our conversation was that it is important to physically add resting time to the schedule as well as active tasks. I could use more practice thinking of resting as important “to-do” and devise a better way to plan my time.

I now have three spreadsheets that I can use to plan my daily schedule and check for do-ability:

Daily Planner:

Time totals of Activities by category

Daily Rest:

Looking at the daily planner, how much rest do I need after/before each item?

Daily Balance:

comparing the totals of each sheet.

  • does this seem like a good balance?
  • is the total fewer than 8 hours?

I don’t yet have meals in there, and I need to add my morning and evening routines, but for now I am focussing on the “torso” of the day. We’ll figure out the head and feet as we go.