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Fatigue and brain fog have been clobbering me for the past few days. It’s that feeling where my body mostly is alright, but my head feels like a pillow is clamped around it. A pillow of pressure that slows the process of thoughts and ideas. The pillow has angry cartoon eyebrows and malicious intent.

Apparently one way to relieve stress, i.e. counteract the thwarting pillow, is to change your worries and frustrations into positive self-talk. So it’s time for me to count blessings:

  1. “I can smell again, said the Pelican” ; in other words, my cold is gone!
  2. The burning sensations on my feet and palms have calmed down, thus easier to sleep and less distracted throughout the day. (ears are still plugged and warm-ish, but still an improvement).
  3. Even though I slept until noon today, I was actually sleeping, and so got some actual rest.
  4. Even though I slept until noon today, I was able to slowly and methodically go about my business and got the most important items done from my list.
  5. I was able to catch my “bad thoughts” and turn them around to more calm and helpful ones. BTW this is a huge step for me, to be able to do this.
  6. I have been good about not eating sugar, my lost weight has stayed off. Apparently though my unconscious wants to eat it very much, because I have been dreaming about eating desserts and soda. Last night I enjoyed strawberry ice cream and choclate cake courtesy of my unconscious mind. MMMmmmmmm.

In sum: Bleah. But, OK.