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This week I begin each day with a detailed and timed plan. I can select up to 2 hours of computer/mental based tasks, schedule rests in between as well as limiting my errand-running. I am giving myself one “big event” per week, with days around it of added rest. It seems to be a good plan, though of course “stuff” can “happen” that throws off my plan. I am getting better at knowing how to adjust accordingly and have had 3 successful days of this.

Today though, I messed up. I met a friend in the morning for what used to be a run and is now a slow walk, and we walked for 1 hour. I felt fine all during and adjusted my walking pace so I would not be “pushing it”. However when I returned home I realized it had been too much. I was unsure whether I needed to nap before taking a shower and I felt too depleted. After my shower, which I prompted myself to go through all slow and methodical-like, I took a nap which ended up being sleeping for 90 minutes. I did not wake up refreshed, and was “pushing it” to get through my morning routine, feeding myself and some tasks. Not so good!  I had a 2hour meeting “out in the world” in the afternoon, and required caffeine to regain my mental focus. Meh.

Next week, we’ll try 30 min for the walk and see if that is an improvement. As for this evening, it shall be spent sitting or lying down, breathing in and out quietly, and perhaps getting to bed on the early side, what.