Having a cold is odd. It brings feelings from the beginning of my life into the spot where I am now, and the feelings are the same.

There is that familiar smell that for me heralds a cold; I cannot describe it but all colds have smelled this way to me.

There is the thing where I don’t want anything to be close to my face– I guess a heightened claustrophobia? I also feel farther away from things than normal. My senses are filtered through an invisible pillow, like if cotton batting were air.

I am woozy (is that the fatigue?) but strangely energetic (maybe remnant from the decongestant 2 days ago?). My body is comfortable on the couch but my mind is active.


Today also I feel calm and happy. I woke up with this wonderful feeling, even though still sick with cold. Could that have been refreshing sleep?

I feel thankful that the sore throat has diminished. The cough sounds kind of awful but I like to think it is heralding the exit from my body this acute condition. Or parts of it. (yuck)

I have strange pockets of heat– the bottoms of my feet, behind my ears, my fingertips. These sensations are new, perhaps more CFS related. (ah, mystery symptoms, you are now so familiar too)


When I was a child and I had a cold, I would stay home from school. I remember playing through a particular book of music on the piano, just playing all the pieces however well I could and returning to the ones I enjoyed most. I think from this time I remember one from CPE Bach. It was one where the right and left hands alternate a lot so felt balanced and fluid playing it.

I remember this every time I have a cold. Maybe today if there is a point where my back does not desire pillow support, I will play some piano. I am playing it in my head right now.