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Yes. Well, I did go ahead and had a bowl of non-dairy ice cream on the 31st day of my 30 day no-sugar challenge. For science.


  • Immediately my stomach felt bloated and heavy.
  • Within ten minutes I received a small headache. It went away in the evening, but still.
  • This morning I was slow, woozy, got up way late, and had a bit of brain fog which is currently decreasing, but still present.


I will continue my exclusion of processed sugar. My body prefers to be without it.

Epilogue test:

This afternoon I consumed a dessert with much the same ingredients as the frozen dessert, but no processed sugar added. So far no differences in general body experience, so I am reasonably certain that I am right about this. Also eating fruit does not affect me negatively, so plenty of sweet items for me to consume.