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My theory is that sugar exacerbates fatigue and brain fog symptoms.

I have been abstaining from sugar for the past 30 days, a pact I made with a friend. Within the first two weeks I dropped 10 pounds. This was during a time of heightened fatigue, and I have been exercising very little, so I am reasonably certain that the abstention from processed sugar led to my losing weight.

I have been gradually improving from fatigue symptoms as well, and for the past two (?) weeks I have experienced only the fatigue; the nausea, pins and needles in my hands and feet, brain fog and headaches have subsided. I have been taking prescribed antiviral medication as well as making changes in my schedule and indeed general approach to life.

So then, last night I had a restaurant-based dinner which alas contained the dreaded ingredient. This morning I woke up feeling reasonably well, but some brain fog was back. I am normally a total morning person who does not have trouble feeling alert, so for me this was a distinct change.

Oh, I suppose it could have been any normal ebb and flow in the life of people with Chronic Fatigue but I am suspicious. My conclusion is to continue to stay away from it as I can, and see if I don’t continue to feel better. And if I would like to have some dairy-free frozen dessert at some point, it will be an experiment in the name of science so I can track how I am affected. Yeah, that’s the ticket.